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Hey everyone,


I am moving to the lovely neighborhood of Martinez in Buenos Aires, Argentina in just 3 weeks ! So I decided to start blogging again.


I can't believe i'll be in Argentina in so little time, nothing is prepared yet, not even me. Amongst the things I still have to do, one is to quick my job (yeah im leaving in just 3 weeks ), to buy a suitcase or a backpack, I guess I need to buy some clothes but since its summer time there im afraid not to find anything in stores in France, and most importantly I have to study spanish like crazy ! This is going to be such an adventure !


After I came back from the U.S last summer, I did my best to tryna "settle" or at least build a life here in France and it did not work, in fact I'm still not allowed to drive on my own, my learner's permit will expire next year when I will probably be back from Argentina. Its getting me angry, I've spent so much money - like everyone trying to get a driver's licence - and worked so hard on this, and I will have to start everything all over again and spend at least a month of salary again to maybe, if things go my way, be allowed to drive. I also feel kind of guilty having to quick my job as a waitress, It's become so hard getting a job these past few months, that it seems crazy to quick one.


After almost 6 months trying to make some money, study and get a driver's licence and after it all failed, I decided to move away again as it seemed to be what would be best for me. Plus, I always thought of going to South America one day to learn spanish. I would have prefer to start new studies first, and once i feel more comfortable with the spanish language i would have moved, but hey I had a great job offer and I couldn't move on with my life in France, so I'm leaving a little sooner than what I thought. It's going to be a challenge. I cannot hold a conversation in spanish haha. But im hoping being forced to will help me, and that I will enjoy my time there.


The family I will work for speak French, English, Spanish & Finnish, and it also seems like the dad speak Italian. They seem to be great people - the mom works for the U.N which totally amazes me - the dad is Argentinean so I hope he can teach me a lot about his country.  I cannont wait to be a nanny again since I really miss being around babies & toddlers, plus Maia & Valentin seem so cute.


My hopes & wishes for this new experience abroad are to become fluent in Spanish, to get to know the culture of the country, to travel as much as possible across the country and the rest of South America, to meet people and make new friends, to gain clarity and see new opportunities for the future. Oh and I also hope things go my way and that I don't get sick. Also, I have no return date, this is a first !


Dear followers, I'll try to blog as much as possible and tell you about my impressions of BA. Oh and also, I suddenly decided to blog in english for no specific reason, but I might also switch to french from time to time and maybe spanish when i get comfortable with it


Happy Holidays to you all or should I say, Feliz Navidad !



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Christophe C 25/12/2012 21:55

Hello Esther. Cool ce blog. Belle initiative; On espère te lire ici régulièrement sur tes aventures en Argentine. ce doit être un beau pays.
Chris / MJB :)