¡Hola Buenos Aires!

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Qué calor !


So, I arrived in Argentina almost a week ago now. After flying for over 15 hours, making a connection at Madrid Airport, where I stayed for many hours due to the flight being delayed, I am finally settled in Buenos Aires. I live in a nice neighborhood called Martinez, in Greater Buenos Aires. It is a lovely neighborhood, and the family with whom I live is lovely. Both the parents and the kids speak  3 or more languages which is totally awesome.


I've also started the spanish class. I am surprised to see that I can learn so much so fast. I'm not yet fluent of course, but I can understand quite well, and I improve myself everyday, which helps me to deal with self esteem issues. BIG TIME !


On my first day off, I went to "Tigre" with the family, we went on a boat trip in the Delta between Argentina & Uruguay.  It was incredible, and I felt like being so far away from home, from Europe. It was like a totally different world. It was beautiful, we had a great time and I will forever cherish this memory.

On the second day, I went to town. While being on the train to the city center, I saw favelas along the rail tracks. It broke my heart. The place is actually huge, its the country's biggest favela.

Once I arrived, I went to Avenida de Mayo, which is the main street of the city. I went to Carrefour, they are actually everywhere in the city and I was curious to see what they sell. Well, they sell some french cheeses, they actually import some european products, it's always good to know. It's quite interesting to see how some things can be really expensive in Argentina and some others not at all. Let's take McDonald's for instance. It is usually known to be cheap, well in Argentina it is quite expensive, and they sell like 3 or 4 different burgers only. Cothes are really expensive ! Going out for a drink, partying, going to the restaurant is quite cheap, compared to Europe.


Public transportation is quite terrible. Trains and Buses are old & noisy. It is very cheap or sometimes even free. I kept on trying to buy a train ticket but i've been told to board without buying any ticket everytime. And in fact, nobody pays for it and that's apparently how it works, lol. They don't drive safely. It seems like theres no rules, you just keep going and if theres cars coming, you hope for them to stop. haha

But the good thing is, that it is very cheap !


I visited la casa rosada which is the president' house, she lives somewhere else though. I went on a tour and met a mexican girl, who was here on holidays. We then decided to go to La Boca together. It was such an experience. I recommend you not to go alone and if you're a girl, tryna go with a guy I guess. El caminito was really beautiful & unique. But it wasn't so safe, & you should not start speaking to anyone.


Argentina is an interesting country, in fact it is ahead & late compared to other countries, both at the same time . Poverty can be extreme, and I feel like you're either wealthy or poor, poverty slows the country to develop itself thats for sure. On the other hand, let's point the law they voted to legalize gay marriage, it is the only country in South America to do so. Also, the president is a woman !

And it seems like France has not arrived to that point yet. What a shame !



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